What to wear to your session


I received my first article request for the blog so I thought I’d put together some fun flat-lays to help my clients figure out what to wear to their photo session. Just a couple things to keep in mind when choosing what to wear is to remember what season it is, where the shoot will be held (indoors/outdoors – in a field/on a street – on the beach/in a home) and also how many children you have. But keep true to your personality – I want you to be comfortable! That being said, I’ve come up with a color scheme for each season.

p.s. I apologize in advance for the lack of boy outfits – these flat lays are hand picked from my own closet and as I have a young daughter and no little boys in the house, these examples will give you a vague idea of what we like to see as photographers and how to match up your family for your next photoshoot!



Keep your clothing dark enough - spring is a bright and fresh part of the year
but you can still add a layer to keep warm and add a wardrobe change :) Let's say
there are 3 members in your family, try to keep the patterned clothing down to 
one person and balance the other two with solid colors taken from the pattern.





And since summertime is almost everyone's favorite, we've got some pretty colors 
to dress up in! Notice how all the colors coincide with each other? In my
first flat-lay I was talking about a 3 person family, well in a family of 5 pick
two to wear a pattern and balance the patterns with solid colored out-fits :)




Fall is a colorful a season and a full spectrum is at your disposal but I would 
recommend staying within the darker end of it. Pick one or two colors of the 
leaves and build upon those colors. LAYERS - what can I say about layers 🙂
They are highly recommended! Bring a vest, scarf, jacket or even a blanket to 
create a wardrobe change without having to change!





Winter is a time of year that the bold and the creamy and colors are at home in.
Guys, if you want to get a little crazy with an accessory, you can always don 
an outlandish pair of shoes! (I don't have a good example for the flat lay 
because my husband needs a new pair!) Your wife and daughter's will automatically 
get the right to match earrings, necklace or head band - and both men and women 
can use a hat to take on and off during the session for added variety.


Happy out-fit planning! 🙂



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