Model Call – 2 separate boudoir sessions


Welcome to the place where you’ll find a little more information about the 2 model calls I have up on my Facebook Page for two complimentary boudoir shoots! If you are interested in a special gift for your husband or a unique experience for yourself – FOR FREE – this may be for you!

I need two individual models for 2 separate shoots.

  1. You will receive free hair and makeup from local artists and allowed 3 wardrobe changes. I am looking for 3 outfits in particular: lace (minimal coverage) with high heels/ Calvin Klein or Pink female work out set with a plaid shirt/ fur and heeled boots.
  2. Body type and hair is an open canvas but I will pay particular attention to long hair (prefer naturally colored)

There will be 2 locations for the sessions:

  1. The first one will take place at an outdoor location close to a body of water with a couple props including a beautiful navy blue and white Queen Anne arm chair.
  2. The second one will be shot in the models home with the use of a lightly (and light colored) decorated master bedroom


The purpose of these shoots are to help build my portfolio and  introduce boudoir to my photography skills. You will receive professional coaching for posing and out fit planning. You will be required to sign a model release!  I look forward to hearing from you and you can send an email to!

Be prepared to have fun and indulge me in the experience of your life!


Model Call final


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