July is for baby girls

This past month I had the pleasure of photographing three different families who had recently welcomed a new baby girl into their arms. I couldn’t get over how much love I witnessed for the new light of their lives. I’m going to tell you a little bit about why I felt so privileged to be invited into their homes and capture sweet memories for them to always have in their hearts and hands…

Rebecca, Erik & Nora

This little princess was quite literally, pretty in peach! Nothing prepares your heart for a new little human being to first excite you with its existence and then fill your arms with warmth. Jessica and Erik are the proud parents to their first daughter. They carry her gently, look at her lovingly and calm her with ease. Parenthood doesn’t always come easily, but these two have all the right qualities. Miss Nora was one of my favorites…she let me prop her up and change her outfits so many times I felt like I still had “the newborn touch”. She was a dream newborn session baby. 

Jazmin, Jesse & Kiera

Sweet Kiera Beth is an adopted niece. But you would never guess it by how they hold her close to their hearts, how they know exactly what she is telling them and how her little fingers grip theirs so tightly. It is always a joy of mine when I don’t have to encourage any affection, because these two showed their love so freely and openly. Also, I gotta say something about that nursery! Didn’t Jazmin do a good job (and Jesse with his painting skills) – it is certainly every little girls dream room. There’s so many nostalgic items displayed in Kiera’s room already…from the flowers hand-made by grandma, to the home-made quilt that auntie got made for her and the paintings that mommy created before she was even born. And they happen to be my friends, so I felt very special!

Angela, John, Victoria & Sophia

A family of four! With a rambunctious toddler and a new little bundle of energy to add to their tribe, Angela and John took care of two bodies like they were born to do it. It’s a beautiful thing to witness the love between a family, because each member expresses it differently. I was too tickled not to share my experience with Victoria and her baby sister Sophia. She held onto her sister like there was no tomorrow when it was time to take photos of the two of them. And we didn’t have to ask her twice to give Sophia a kiss, because she did it not once, but three or four times! Daddy was clearly smitten with his new little angel. And mommy was a complete and total natural with her freshest bundle – it warmed my heart to be a part of their family for that 3 hour ride 🙂

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