Hey friends and clients!

Welcome to Forever 22 Photography!

Let me introduce myself as Sabrina Eve Ancel – a daughter of the King, an artist, fashion guru, adventure-seeker, nature lover, wife and last but not least, a mama! The meaning behind my business name is in memory of my oldest brother, Everett who passed away in a boating accident at age 22. He told me he was proud of my artistic abilities and this is just a small way I can keep his memory alive.

I call myself a lifestyle photographer, because my passion is traveling to your favorite hangout or your special nest that you call home, and capture memories that you can’t re-create anywhere else. My goal is to showcase your family dynamic, or the love between a couple that no one else can emulate other then your family or you and your partner. This is YOUR story and I’d like to tell it.  I also have a whole slew of outdoor locations at my disposal if you are in need of some suggestions.

A little bit about my history with photography…well it began when our baby girl was born in the frosty month of November 2014 and I started picking up my camera to take candid’s of her everyday moments. That escalated into shooting our milestones as a new family and then individual beauty shoots of my very photogenic sister! Since then, I haven’t been able to put my Canon down, and enrolled in The Photography Institute in April 2015, launched my photography Facebook page in the  Fall and graduated March 2016. Yahoo!

A special thank you to God who has given me the courage I do not posses on my own, my friends and family for their support in my beginning days and my growth as a photographer, and all the instructors I have either stumbled upon or received persistent emails from – some of them have turned out to be the inspiration for my creativity.

 I look forward to every new friend and client I meet and make in the past and present of this grand venture!

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