Baby Chase

This August I was invited out to Vermillion to photograph some of baby Chase’s first weeks in his family’s arms. It was a pleasant drive and a welcome breather after a busy summer with my growing newborn.

I absolutely love watching and capturing those little moments that are often overlooked and lost in the translation of time. Like little Chase’s stretches after a good snooze, or how big brother Dominic had such an obsession with trying on his mama’s shoes and walking around the house in them. But most of all, the hands – holding onto flower petals, cupping little heads, gripping little backs in a hug and holding little fingers with awe.

These are the details I don’t want my clients ever to forget so they can look back and get all fuzzy inside – yes, that’s why I do what I do! So enjoy looking through Corryn and Will’s snaps of life with their little charming boys!

Arial Autumn

This summer we made trips to the “choke berries” as Arial calls them, a nightly routine. We started last summer when she was only 1 and a half and Rollo was a puppy. And when we found the tree again this year at the back of our property…well it ended up being our little sunset walk after Acadia was in bed ❤ ❤

I’ll never forget these summer nights for the photos!

Baby Ryleigh

For first time parents, the Harper’s clearly demonstrated how much they adored their new baby girl ❤ They couldn’t keep their hands off her! And that’s what I love about capturing the first days of a newborns presence in their parents arms…the newness and the absolute awe that embraces their home.

Baby Ryleigh is almost 3 months now and an absolute ball or adorableness. I love watching her grow! Chelsea and Evan, you outta be one proud set of parents!

Corryn & Will [Maternity]

This spring the Neufeld/Thompson’s were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their second son! I was just as excited to photograph Corryn, Will & Dominic in the Callingwood Public Library here in Edmonton! We moved outdoors to mix it up for little Dominic and when we came back inside we found a sparrow pecking relentlessly at the window. We weren’t sure what was wrong with him but he was certainly a big hit!

Chelsea & Evan [maternity]

Not long now until this little one shows his/her face! And I cant wait to meet Chelsea & Evan’s fresh little bundle!

It was such a beautiful (wet) spring day for their maternity session at Lancaster Park. They are keeping the gender a surprise and not even finding out themselves! They have to possess all the patience in the world for this undertaking. Not long now!!!

Makeup by the lady herself CMHartistry