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 I’d love to explain a little bit about what a session with me will look like and then I invite you to select the button at the bottom of the page to receive my current prices on all lifestyle sessions!

Let me tell YOUR story.

Have you ever wished you could freeze those moments in time when the sunlight is shining through your little ones hair, illuminating every strand as she twirls in the warm rays? Or as your newborn opens their eyes for the first time and blinks up at you and all your fears melt away as your heart melts in awe. Maybe you have struggled with self-doubt and overcome it and feel like celebrating your new appreciation for life!

I understand these things…and I can capture them for you. I invite you to be you and leave the rest to me. I will ask you some questions to get to know you a little better…what favorite things you and your family do together; what places do you love to visit and explore. I’ll ask you how you met or what journey you’ve been on to bring you where you are today. You can tell me as little or as much as you want. But the more you open up the better I will be able to tell your story.

So tell me…do you enjoy watching the sunset with your better half? Do you love chasing your little ones through the water? Have you always dreamt about doing a road trip to the mountains? Tell me more! I’d love to hear!

Miller's Extended Family Lifestyle Session on the banks of the North Saskachewan River by Forever 22 Photography (72)

 **Please PRINT your images. I can’t stress it enough! Hard drives crash. Phones die. Heck, even google cloud can stop its existence. Facebook owns your photos. Instagram could quit one day. But the one thing that you will have the certainty of is that a printed photo will be in your hands to be passed down through the generations. PLEASE print your photos.
And if you are going to print them, I take print orders myself or can point you towards the right lab. Walmart is not your friend. They will discolor my edits and what you see on your screen will not show up on paper. The importance of a reputable lab is huge. Please get in touch with me to PRINT your photos!

Yes, I’d love to hear more!

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