Hi, I’m Sabrina

I am a creative. An adventurer. A storyteller.

I notice the little things. I document them. I don’t believe in faking it. And I definitely don’t believe in “making it”. I believe in being who you were meant to be. I believe in showing up and participating. I believe in going the extra mile. I guess that makes me a people person? Here’s a little bit about my story so you can relax and get to know me before we tell your story.

My creative journey never began with a camera. It started with a pencil – many pencils and pen and paper. My sister and I grew up scetching and drawing that led to art shows and commissioned artwork. We grew up on an acreage so we had lots freedom to be creative. To this day I still have the collection of short stories we would write all summer long!

How did it all begin?

Photography for me started when my oldest daughter was born. My mother gave me her Rebel T3 and I began my journey of documenting our lives. Funny how new life can become all sorts of inspiration! That led to searching out online photography schools and I enrolled into The Photography Institute for a certificate of Professional Photography in 2015.

One year later I launched Forever 22 Photography and began this journey of using my creative eye to tell your story. This business is my heart, it has taken countless hours to get to where it is today and I will be spending countless more hours to keep bettering it for my clients. I wear all the hats so between raising my daughters and the unforeseen, the building of it will ebb and flow.

Why “Forever 22 Photography“?

My business name is in memory of my oldest brother who was taken home to live with Jesus on June 10, 2006. He drowned in Jackson Lake, Manitoba. I will miss him until that day I get to see him again. This is one small way I can cherish his memory because his spirit is still very much alive! He was a creative himself; he was a self-taught botanist, mechanic, computer wizard and a musician. He told me he was proud of my creativity and that just about makes me cry every time I think of the life we will never get to have together. One day I’ll tell him all about it!

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