About Me

Welcome to Forever 22 Photography!

Let me start off by introducing myself as Sabrina Eve Ancel. I secretly love my middle name so why not flaunt it haha! The meaning behind my business name is in memory of my oldest brother, Everett who passed away in a boating accident at age 22. He told me he was proud of my art and this is just a small way I can keep his memory alive.

I am a lifestyle slash documentary photographer. Meaning I follow you around with my camera but I also help pose you with my knowledge of light and form to better capture your story. When you seek me out because you love my work or you heard about me through a friend, I want us to have some sort of connection so I can gain your trust and in turn you will trust me with your story the day of your session. It’s not going to be about standing in a row and making sure your little ones say “cheese”, it’s going to be about creating authentic moments that you won’t ever forget! We’re going to go on an adventure and you don’t want to leave anyone behind!

A little bit about my history with photography…well it began when our oldest daughter was born in the frosty month of November and I started picking up my first crop-sensor camera that my mom borrowed me to take candid’s of our everyday moments. That escalated into shooting all the milestones as a new family and then individual beauty shoots of my lovely sister! Since then, I haven’t been able to put my Canon down, and enrolled in The Photography Institute in 2015, launched my photography Facebook page in the Fall and graduated March 2016.

But this is a journey and I am constantly at work adding new content to my website to better serve my clients, always keeping my eyes and ears peeled for new opportunities and drinking in as much creative instruction that I can. It’s all in God’s hands. He gave this talent to me and I am eternally grateful. Another thing I thank God for every day is the support from my husband, my family and friends – the ones that stuck it out with me through thick and thin. You da bomb!

 In conclusion, I just want to say I look forward to every new friend and client I meet and make in the past and present of this grand venture!

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