Thank you for inviting me to document your story!

I believe in celebrating the little moments that go unnoticed as well as the big occasions that define your life. I know from personal experience that being a mom behind the camera often leaves me out of the frame. That’s why I appreciate those times we have a photographer to capture our family together in its entirety.

It is often a luxury to be able to pay a photographer to come in and tell your everyday story, I get that. Can I ask you one thing? If you made a list of some of the most important things in life to you, what would it look like? Would it have “family” on it? Would it have “my lover” on it? What about “my dog’? (yes, yes, cat too haha). Well I hate to be the barer of bad news, but memories fade. Words get forgotten. And worst of all, people die. But the one thing that doesn’t seem to die are feelings. And that’s what you create when making a memory.


When was the last time you saved up for something you really wanted? Did it take you a long time or only a couple weeks/months? Well I’ve got some options for you so that you can make it possible to book a session with me!

  • Save your pennies! If family photos aren’t in the budget, save any extras at the end of the day and put it aside for your session. (As long as the deposit is paid, the session total won’t change within a certain amount of time)
  • Sign up for a payment plan. Can’t make the entire payment before the session? I have monthly installment plans to help divide it up!
  • Wondering what to add to your Christmas wish list? Wonder no more! Ask friends and family for a family session and if it’s possible – split it up with birthdays!
  • Trades. I take trades! Ask me more!
  • Customizable packages. Ask me more!

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it

Please Print Your Images

 Please PRINT your images. I can’t stress it enough! Hard drives crash. Phones die. Heck, even google cloud can stop its existence. Facebook owns your photos. Instagram could quit one day. But the one thing that you will have the certainty of is that a printed photo will be in your hands to be passed down through the generations. PLEASE print your photos.

And if you are going to print them, I take print orders myself or can point you towards the right lab. Walmart is not your friend. They will discolor my edits and what you see on your screen will not show up on paper. The importance of a reputable lab is huge. Please get in touch with me to PRINT your photos!

Photo & Film Packages


Photo Sessions starting at $350


Wedding packages starting at $2200


Films starting at $600

Decor Rentals

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