We celebrated in country girl style last weekend with some of our closest family and friends – a very special girls’ 2nd birthday! (We certainly missed those who couldn’t make it!)

I probably started planning half a year in advance…but it’s not every day I get to host one of my creative endeavors for family and friends to be a part of and experience with me. With another one on the way, that just means I will never not have something to keep me busy 😉

Arial’s first birthday party was very much vintage princess themed in pastel pinks and greys with handmade lace crowns and an assortment of homemade sugary treats including white-chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and fruit loop marshmallow balls. Grandma Ancel made her cherry chip and peppermint flavored icing smash cake along with matching cupcakes. This year it was all about her country roots with the Norwegian Fjord team of horses over for a wagon ride, burlap and pinecone décor, homemade caramel popcorn, hot chocolate and 3 flavors of locally baked birthday doughnuts including bacon caramel, chocolate pecan and sprinkled!

When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was almost like Christmas! The whole house was decorated and ready for our birthday girl ❤ We got up bright and early with Arial and videoed her discovery  – let’s just say her #2 balloon was a giant hit! I spent all week assembling and customizing Arial’s IKEA kitchen – using leftover paint from her nursery walls for the back panel to the shelving and Shawn helped select a board from Home Depot for the backsplash which we covered with drawer liner from Arial’s dresser. Pinterest is a great inspiration outlet! The “happy birthday Arial” banner was hand-painted along with the diy picture hanger crafted from a fallen branch from our backyard and some good ole bailer twine! Granny Sally was the main décor hanger from the night before and my right hand man for the fresh caramel popcorn that morning.

And can I point out Arial’s double braids for one moment? HER HAIR IS NOW LONG ENOUGH!! Needless to say, I saved her first double braids for her birthday party ❤ Her outfit is inspired by her country roots, including her locally made plaid infinity scarf and ROOT’s wool socks!

We are so grateful for all the love shown by our family and friends who showed up to celebrate with us – and those who were with us in spirit – plus all the gifts showered upon our little lady! And thanks for indulging my request for birthday books instead of cards – something that suited her toddler age and will be opened and looked at for years to come. It was also plus 18 outdoors on this fine November Saturday – as shown by our jacket-less wagon ride!

Here’s to another year enjoying and loving on our adventurous, free-spirited gorgeous 2 year old miss Arial Autumn!

Kitchen/Table & Chairs IKEA

Doughnuts O How Sweet It Is

Wagon Ride by Henry Powell of Onoway

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