What is a keepsake film

I’m sure you’ve watched a home video in your lifetime or filmed a couple family milestones or events, but did you ever sit down and cull the footage, select a song and piece the clips together to create a story? You may have, or maybe it was mostly the wedding videographers that did such things.

But it’s not all about the weddings anymore, however special they may be. Families are realizing the significance of “a-day-in the-life” films, creatives are searching for branding films, and couples are asking for their romance to be documented through film.

Why Moving Pictures

Last winter I watched my first family film with another photographer who was just as passionate about learning how to create these moving pictures as I was. There was just something about the music, the movement and the story that brought the people to life. If it gave me goosebumps, I can only imagine what the family who it was made for was feeling when they watched it. They create a sense of nostalgia. It brings back the feelings. It is a story. Something that you can’t quite get with one single image.

How are films different from photo sessions

Filming a family is a lot different than capturing photos of them. When the camera is rolling during filming, there is no interaction between the videographer and the subjects. There are no prompts and definitely no posing. If I did stop to ask you to move a hair or turn into the sun, the moment would be lost. I also don’t want to talk over any audio of your little one singing her favorite song or you telling your spouse how much you love them. Unlike a photo session where I use prompts to draw a connection, a film is strictly documentary. I will prepare you during the days leading up to your session on what to expect but the whole purpose of a film is to record a moment in your life exactly how it is but in a storytelling manner.

When and why to book a keepsake film

Have you caught yourself recently bemoaning the fact that your little baby is heading into toddlerhood? Have you rubbed your belly and dreamed of the day you would meet the little heart beating inside of you? Have you looked up into your sons eyes and wondered when you’d started looking up instead of down at his little head of hair? Have you ever brought your mom over a coffee and looked down at her hands to notice how many life lessons they seemed to have mapped out on them? Have you beamed from ear to ear before as you hugged your spouse tightly for an accomplishment that seemed to never be in sight but finally was?

Well I’d say these are all reasons to book a keepsake film! I promise that day will come where you will wonder where the time went. But with a film to bring back the lost and forgotten memories, all those sights, smells and sounds surrounding that memory will flood back and you will be assured that you can always be reminded of their tiny voices, pitter-patter feet, and high-pitched giggles.

How to Book a Keepsake Film

When you can’t seem to get the thought of a family film out of your head, then it’s perfect time to approach me! Booking a film is very simple. All you need is a reason, time, location and things to do together as a family, with your lover or with a friend and the rest will all fall into place. (Keepsake films cover a broad range)

First, once we have settled on a date and time, and the deposit is paid, I will send you off a questionnaire to get to know your family and what is important to you and what things you would like included (I go into a lot more depth in the questionnaire). Often, a simple day doing chores, having lunch, cuddle time or an adventure is all you need to capture those moments that go unnoticed.

Second, once we have settled on a location and amount of hours you would like me to capture footage, I send off a couple tips to help make your day go smoothly. For example, preparing the kids for my arrival and making sure hubby is on the same page. I will always remind you to treat me like a member of the family hanging out – like an auntie. No need to serve me! No need to set up the scene. (I, of course, will mooch food off of you when you are eating but that’s about it). The only rule I have is NO TV! Tech free all the way 🙂

Lastly, this is my passion and my whole heart goes into this project for my clients. You can trust me because I have put a lot of sweat, blood and a LOT of 3am nights into teaching myself all the ins and outs. I will constantly be looking for ways to grow and better this new genre of my business and all I ask is that you spread the word to your friends and family about the importance of keepsake films!

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