For almost 2 months now Arial & I have been able to meet up with Shawn during his lunchtimes, and the distances range from 5 to 15 minutes away. Not everyone gets that chance! Shawn started his new job for the county in May and worked close to half an hour away most days but when he texted me that he was just up by Gunn, I haven’t stopped hitting the road with Arial in tow. We’ve  certainly become closer as a family with the chance to spend that half hour together every day now that he’s working 12’s on the tractor/mower unit and there are only a couple hours between the time he arrives home  for supper and Arial’s bedtime. (not that bedtime is so strict during summer hours, when it’s been staying light out until 11pm for the longest time!
There’s just something about seeing Arial so excited to visit “dada” when I start packing her lunch and shoeing her out the door (not much shoeing being needed!). She has gotten pretty drowsy in her car seat when  the travel time takes 15 min versus 5 min but the one thing that usually pops her eyes back open are my words “almost ready to see daddy!”
Here is a snippet on a regular lunch visit with daddy…First, the wait, then the greet, and all the little sidetracks in between. Because following her around, helping her climb fox burrows and guiding her up tractor tires are what his and her life is all about. As you can tell, she has no fear! When he plopped her up on the grill of the tractor, she really was on top of the world!
Love these two and all the moments they give me.   


"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun"

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