Every summer since our first anniversary to Whistler, BC and from there, the Okanagan, we have packed up our camper and drove to Kelowna for a week over July  7th. But this summer we had a hard time getting Shawn time off from his new county job and had already taken the weekend of our anniversary to camp in Jasper. My sister has been a horse guide for Brewster Adventures since July and we knew we wanted to visit her in Banff before summer ended, so we lined up a Sunday and Monday with her days off and at the same time, a high school friend of mine and Priscilla’s was visiting from Saskatchewan so it was now or never! Nothing beats a two-day holiday to the mountains! We stopped in Dead Man’s  Flats and Arial picked her fair share of gas station potted flowers (she actually let me stick one in her hair and left them in). One we arrived at Tunnel Mountain Lodge we all pulled out our bikes and took them up to Banff. We forgot Arial’s helmet at home so when we got to the town we rented one for her – so she wasn’t helmet-less the entire night! The next day we traveled to Lake Louise and I hung out with Priscilla in the barn, shooting a little on-the-job photos 😀 That afternoon Janalle and Chris hung out with Arial (you guys are the best, we considered it a date) for us while we took the 2-hour ride with Priscilla along Lake Louise and back. And the views – AMAZING! No local ride along the country roads can compete with a trial cut through the mountainside and winding up on the other end of Lake Louise facing Banff Springs Hotel. The tourists thought we were pretty cool too 😉 I mean, we even cantered on the way back! So all in all, it was a much needed family getaway!



Phone pics from the trip. Top left to bottom right: auntie/sister/mama selfie, river by Village of Lake Louise, mountain horseback ride, I’m on Priscilla’s guide horse, kisses, Arial hugging trees, taking Arial for ger favorite bike ride, Daddy & Arial playing peek-a-boo in the tipi, excited about Arial’s helmet!


2nd phone pics compilation. Top left to bottom right: selfie stick with the girls, Arial’s first ride in her new bike seat, sisters, mountainside along Lake Louise, our guide, tree hugger, Brewster Adventures horses, visit with uncle Anthony in Red Deer, bike ride with Daddy!

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