A year ago we all piled into Anthony’s truck and day-tripped it to Banff, this year we cruised to the northern Rockies of Jasper National Park.

True to my Instagram posts, I feel like I can breathe again!! Everyone needs a getaway to the mountains if they can swing it, especially after a long winter on the same pad of dirt and double especially if they are about to give birth to a baby and life (freedom) as I know it will change!

We left with the sun rising in our rear view mirror and walked the town before driving up to Pyramid Lake Island and heading back down the mountain for the hike up to Maligne Canyon. I think Arial started the snowball fight by throwing a snowflake at Granny Sally, and then it escalated from there with Anthony, Priscilla & Jesse. I scored a couple easy targets myself because I had my camera out and pled the fifth haha. On the way, we joined the tourists on the side of the road and stopped to ooh and ahh over the herd of young elk. Some of “us” wanted to feed them grass and grab a selfie for the record **boys, boys**

Sad to say my hubby had to miss out on our getaway.  Jesse ended up joining us in Jasper. Until next time, highway 16 west ❤

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