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Take me to the Mountains

A year ago we all piled into Anthony’s truck and day-tripped it to Banff, this year we cruised to the northern Rockies of Jasper National Park. True to my Instagram posts, I feel like I can breathe again!! Everyone needs a getaway to the mountains if they can swing it, especially after a long winter on the same pad of dirt and double especially if … Read More Take me to the Mountains


Weekend getaway to the Rockies

Every summer since our first anniversary to Whistler, BC and from there, the Okanagan, we have packed up our camper and drove to Kelowna for a week over July  7th. But this summer we had a hard time getting Shawn time off from his new county job and had already taken the weekend of our anniversary to camp in Jasper. My sister has been a horse guide for Brewster Adventures since … Read More Weekend getaway to the Rockies