All this sunshine and warm temperatures got me thinking about a spur of the moment romp through the forest with my sister last spring!

There’s this little park close by that is full of trails and natural foliage out near Onoway, Alberta and it’s kind of a little gem. When we got there, it was sprinkling already and our dreams of sunrays through the trees kind of got dashed but Priscilla has as much gusto about posing in the elements as I do about shooting in out-of-the-ordinary areas. So you may see some beautiful tresses flowing in perfect ease or a full skirt swaying around elegant legs, but I see goose bumps on her arms and a few droplets caught in ordinary places…whatever you see – we forget about the elements and I can’t help get lost in the moment when capturing magic like this dreamy session!

Needless to say, we’re still waiting patiently for those golden hour rays for our next adventure!



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