In a field of golden light they laughed and played until they were out of breath…

Those were the first words that popped into my head when I thought back on this golden family session filled with sun rays, crunchy grass and a hint of crispness for the month of October. It was a beautiful night. A photographer’s dream!

I could tell that mom and dad spent lots of time with their little human’s because whenever I asked them to go off and have some fun together, they didn’t need any encouragement. Olivia was full of life and her little giggles rose and fell through the evening every time mom would swing her round and daddy would toss her in the air. Little Gage was only 7 months old but he was just as happy, and  his favorite part of the night was tangling his mama’s beautiful, long strands of hair…

This night was one of my favorite’s and to this day, I always look back on that fall night and pray for many more such golden sunset sessions to bless my clients with. And the spontaneity and emotion was all there for me to capture. You can’t force connection – and this family had it all!

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