The day came to dress my daughter in her little traveling dress. It was an extraordinarily warm late summer afternoon. We were the first to receive this Bailey’s Blossoms dress in the mail.

Amy and I met online through The Unraveled Academy and when she asked if I would like to be part of her traveling dress project, I had a pretty good idea of what she meant and I said yes! I may or may not follow some very talented photographer’s on Instagram. One of them in particular own a gown with which they pack up and take with them across the continent and photograph themselves in this dress throughout their travels.

The little traveling dress project is somewhat similar, but instead of one dress and one woman, this is one dress and 8 little girls with 8 different photographer’s, 4 states and 2 provinces and how we saw this vision unfold through our lens. The following photos are of my daughter frolicking around in the pasture at the back of our acreage (when we were worried about our unpredictable Alberta weather but gifted a sunny, spring-like day). Little sister was running around us, flitting in and out of the frame but you’d never know it!

For my daughter, this was a beautiful dress with lace and a skirt to twirl in; for me, this was a beautiful girl and a pretty dress to twirl and dance, throw leaves and blow bubbles in. And at the end of our fun little shoot together, she danced in it one last time and we packed it up for the next little girl who would jump and spin for her mother to capture the magic through her eyes.

I’d love for you to visit some of the other photographer’s little traveling dress photos in their blog posts:

Amy Dangerfield Photography

Susan Rice Photography

Tracy Dawn Photography

Erica Williams

Marissa Rose Photography

If you’d like to know more about our project, please visit

Forever 22 Photography

and leave me a message!

3 Comments on “The Little Traveling Dress Project

  1. I LOVE these! It’s so fun to see what your vision was and what a lovely little lady you have. Thank you so much for saying yes to this project! ❤


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