Let me start off by saying that Skye & Lucas are the definition of what it means to live and breathe the outdoors! Their outdoor engagement session says it all. They are avid fishers; hunters and compete in annual snowmobile races and mud bogging events. They had been together for a little over 5 years. They are parents of a twin boy and girl with another one on the way this summer!

All we needed was a lake, a firepit and their fishing rods.

When they contacted me about celebrating their love with an outdoor engagement session, I knew exactly where to take them! They put their trust in me to create an experience that was true to their lifestyle. After all, they drove upwards of 4 hours from the north to a location closer to me!

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area is located in Parkland County. Many photographer’s love it for it’s beautiful forest and intimate bodies of water.

I only asked them to bring a couple things…their fishing gear. Also some camping mugs to set the mood for a typical day on one of their adventures. They arrived with Tim Hortens in their hands and it honestly couldn’t have been any more fitting! We did a lot of laughing and a little waiting for the fish to bite. It was an overcast day so it ended up being on the chilly side but these two were absolute troopers! They were happy to get a fire going so we could warm our frosty fingers. I got them chasing each other and giving piggyback rides to keep the blood flowing but it also helped get the laughter rolling! Near the end we had some sunset peek through the trees and our time together was complete.

We did a lot of laughing and a little waiting for the fish to bite.

Below are some photos from their session! If you would like to see more of my outdoor sessions, please visit my Blog. You will find more information about Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area by going here.

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