Surprise Daddy!

I knew he wouldn’t guess what the surprise was all about. Heck, I could hardly believe it myself!

A couple days after our 4th wedding anniversary I finally caught up with Shawn’s anticipation to start trying for a second baby. Those couple days were my last days on the pill. We had talked to God many times about it and I finally got used to the idea of carrying and bearing another child. Without ever demanding it, Shawn’s dream was to always have 2 children and myself…I never dreamed about having babies. And when Arial was born, I fell in love but she was enough for me. She was all I needed for a very long time. Then, until recently, we started watching her with other babies – not toddlers – babies. And she loved them! Especially her newest friend, Kiera. From the very first day she met Kiera, she has always wanted to kiss and hold her (however short-lived that is with toddlers). Witnessing that young adoration, I couldn’t help but remember my childhood growing up with 4 siblings and always able to have at least one of them by my side as my best friend at all times…and I wanted Arial to have that chance too! So, it happened, I said yes.

We were both ready, however long it took. With Arial, it took 6 months to find out I was pregnant. Not this time. I bought the test on August 9th and finally took it on the 12th – in a matter of seconds it showed “positive”. I freaking couldn’t believe my eyes! I re-read the steps and there was no way it would show “positive” if it wasn’t true. I was pregnant – and it took less than a month!!!

I knew I wanted to involve Arial in a surprise pregnancy announcement for daddy and there was no perfect moment that Friday, it being the weekend of the smash up derby and all, but the morning of the 13th, the pictures below happened! Shawn thought I was surprising him with matching mother and daughter outfits because I had Arial change from her pj’s into her tutu. When she brought the balloons with the pregnancy test attached to the card across the yard to him, I still don’t think he knew whatΒ she was holding. Needless to say, he was SHOCKEDΒ and delightfully surprised – and there were happy tears πŸ˜‰




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